How long is the space rented for a wedding reception or special event?

The space may be used for 5 hours if renting 1 room, 8 hours if renting the whole space. Load in may commence 3 hours prior to the event and tear down/load out must conclude within one hour of the event. Extra Load in or tear down time is available at $50 per hour. We will coordinate that with your group on an individual basis.


Is there a certain time that a reception must begin?

No, we do not have certain time periods. We will start the reception based on your time table for your event specifications.

Food & Beverages

Can I bring in my own caterer?
We have provided a list of preferred caterers for your consideration. Renter may bring in an outside caterer but the caterer must be approved by Sedona Productions. All caterers are required to provide proof of insurance to Sedona Productions in order to serve in the building.


Can I bring in my own liquor?
No alcohol may be brought in by event hosts. All alcohol will be provided at Cendera Center by Sedona Productions. All bartenders scheduled are TABC certified and are arranged through the Events Manager.


Can I bring in my own decorator or my decorations?
Decorations or displays brought into the center must be in compliance with the building and fire codes for the city of Fort Worth. In order to prevent damage to the facility, fixtures and furnishings, items may not be attached to any stationary wall, floor, window or ceiling with nails, tape, staples, or any other substance.


Do you provide any decorations?
Not at this time.


Do you provide linens?
We offer rental of black floor length linens for a small fee or can rent linens to coordinate with your event theme and color for you.


Is parking available for my guests?
Parking is available in a street lot behind Cendera Center at no cost. Valet Parking may be set up and the charges would be the responsibility of the event host.


Where do most bride and grooms exit?
The front doors, the portico provides a great spot for a grand exit! We allow your guests to have bubbles, sparklers, or rose petals outside.


Is smoking allowed in your facility?
We are located in a building that has a no smoke policy. We direct all guests to the smoking area upon request.


Is Security required?
Security Officers will be required for all events and arranged by Sedona Productions. Off duty Fort Worth Police Officers will be hired and the charges start at $50.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum per officer.

Plenty of room for a crowd

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